Hi, i’m shahadat, I like making things and meeting new people! Also, I love traveling and taking photos. I’m here to encourage and inspire you to read, watch movies, design or, travel as much as possible.

This blog is all about my designs, artworks, stories, the things I miss out on,  the experiences that enrich me, the beauty that enraptures me, the people I meet, the cuisines I taste…and the person I become. Also, I publish an online magazine through the site, you can read below about it.


About the magazine:

The Local Train is an online magazine. which is an independent, not for profit publication founded in April 2019. The Local Train magazine is a platform for established & new voices. Its name is inspired by one of my favorite bands. New writeups are published frequently. So, if you’re interested to submit, please see the guidelines here.

Thanks for your interest.


  1. Glad to know about your loving magazine .Iwrite blogs poems my book CASCADE OF LOVE is available on Amazon flipkart and other platforms. .A collection of my poems. regards BRIJKAUL


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