Candace & Yours – Candace Harding Medel


Can anyone hear me?
Are my words a reflection of your feelings?
Never have we met
Do you want to know my name?
Anyone, anyone at all
Can you hear me cry?
Endlessly I pour out to you



Every good thing comes to an end
Unless it was never started
Let us stay this side of love
Focused only on attraction
A stones throw from commitment
Strangely comfortable
In a sea of uncertainty
Possess me not for a moment
And I’ll always be yours

About the contributor: Candace lives in Rome New York ,a short distance from two of the places that bring her Candace HSjoy and inspiration. The Adirondack Mountains and New York City.
She has always been a lover of the written word and thoroughly enjoys the process of creating a story or poem. She writes not just create but to feel whole. Her work has been published in various online literary publications and her poetry can be found in The American Poetry Anthology. Her most recent work, including poetry and excerpts from various short stories can be found through her Instagram.

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