Just Another Seeker – Dr. Rinzin Rinzin


He often flies in the vast sky of thoughts
And tries to see life from within and without
At times tears pool up in his tired eyes
And sometimes his heart overflows with joy

He tries to pen them all down
In words that flows from his heart
Nay, never from his brain
For he knows it can play with his soul

At times people applaud him for a “Poet”
And sometimes call him a “Writer”
Yet often some take him for a deluded “Philosopher”
While some think he’s a carefree “Lunatic”

Nothing really bothers him though
Neither exaggerated praises
Nor well-founded criticisms
For he’s just another seeker
Seeking, learning and unlearning

About the contributor: Dr. Rinzin Rinzin is a prominent and highly decorated Bhutanese writer, poet and scholar. He has authored seven books in different genres. He served as a Member of Parliament, bureaucrat, agriculture scientist, lecturer and management consultant for over 20 years.

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