The Two Mile Post – William Conelly

Two miles to Mile Run

What can surpass a walk
along the asphalt roadway
others choose to drive?
The rhythm of your heels,
the rhythm of your thoughts,
a steady bass line beat
on roughly graveled tar,
careless of truck or car…

The lines of poems made then
seem built of sturdier good
than lines fretted out at home,
and Memory, and Fate,
material though they are,
the staves of lesser wood
than the cadence of your way,
one bright autumnal day.

About the contributor: After military service, William Conelly took both Bachelor’s and William ConellyMaster’s Degrees in English at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Unrelated post-grad work followed, before he returned to academia in 2000. Since then, he’s served in both the US and the UK as an associate professor, tutor and seminar leader. With dual citizenship, he now resides primarily in the West Midlands town of Warwick. The Able Muse Press published assortment of his verse dating back four decades in 2015; it’s titled UNCONTESTED GROUNDS and may be reviewed at their website or via Amazon.

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