Winter Street Level – Jeremy Nathan Marks

These photos are a microcosm of the “old” industrial city in which I live: London, Ontario. London is a city filled with English names, the product of its time as a British colonial outpost. London sits in the “Rust Belt” region of Canada, that region of factory towns and cities which served as the industrial engine of Canada.




As the country and this part of the world have shifted into a post-industrial era, London has “aged.” But that age, relative to the land on which it sits, the cultures which preceded the English (and which are still here), and the history of the rest of the world is, I think, a funny thing.









I believe that you have to have two sets of eyes to see it: Age-in-Canada and Age-in-the-World. I challenge myself, through my work, to try and reveal both.

About the contributor: Jeremy Nathan Marks is a London, Ontario-based writer and Jeremy Nathan Marksamateur photographer. Recent work, both poetic and photographic, appears/is appearing in KYSO Flash, Derelict Magazine, Front Porch Review, Writers Resist, The Conclusion, As It Ought To Be, Poets Reading The News, Rat’s Ass Review, Poetry Pacific, Unlikely Stories, The Wire’s Dream, Bravearts Africa and Eunoia Review. His short story, “Detroit 2099” will be published in Stories of the Nature of Cities 2099 Anthology in the spring




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