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‘Widows’ is the rare film where all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. It has a stellar cast; it is adapted from a novel by the same writer as ‘Gone Girl’ and it’s directed by Steve McQueen. Unfortunately, even with so much in its favor, ‘Widows’ makes for a mediocre night at the cinema. The film is overflowing with potential, but almost every idea and plot point feel very underdeveloped. Like so many films in 2018, this film’s script needs more work. It’s a shame because it was very ambitious and had it achieved those ambitions it could have been amazing.

These issues with the script become more and more prevalent as it goes on. There is a twist halfway through the film that is very clever and places many of the scenes we have seen before it in a very different context. However, this twist is not addressed until the last ten minutes. This issue is somewhat forgivable in isolation, but there are multiple inconsistencies and a political subplot that feels painfully underdeveloped.

This film has received a lot of critical acclaim. While my issues with the film are evident, I can understand why some critics responded so well. It is extremely well directed. The performances are fantastic, particularly when considering some of the weak material they had to work with. It does tackle some important issues and attempts some critiques of modern America. Unfortunately, most of these critiques are not fully formed due to the previously mentioned weak script. Despite the issues I have raised above, there is still enjoyment to be had. The action scenes are a treat and Viola Davis shines.

‘Widows’ is an intelligent, yet flawed thriller. It’s ironic that the most depressing part of a film titled ‘Widows’ is the wasted potential of the plot. However, if you are looking for a thriller with strong performances and exciting action you could do worse.

I give it a 7/10.

About the contributor : John is an Irish born writer and is a strong believer that it’s the unnamed.jpgbest place for writers due to the wonderful nature and mysterious old houses. He specialises in simple character-focused narratives that feature bigger picture themes. When he’s not writing, he enjoys going to the cinema and endlessly binging Netflix.

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