Issue 02 | The Local Train MAGAZINE

TLTM-May -Cover

From the editor: Dear reader, We are thrilled to present the second issue of The Local Train Magazine! This issue is very special for us, especially with more writers, artists, photographers And, we’re happy to say from next issue you can submit graphic design works too. Please check submission guideline’s to see it.

In our second issue, our talented contributors share their awesome works with us! Some of the works will make you smile, others will take your breath away, still others will touch your heart. They’re stories of life. Thank you for all your support. The Local Train Magazine would not exist without you.

Yours truly,
Shahadat Hossain Shaan

A note regarding publication rights: (writers and artists maintain ownership/copyright of all work presented here in, No work featured here may be used, copied, sold or distributed elsewhere without the permission of the copyright holder)


Aneek Chatterjee
Ann Christine Tabaka
Ben Nardolilli
Callum Beesley
Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon
DS Maolalai
Devinder Sharma
Devika Mathur
Dennis Moriarty
Edward Lee
Eliza Segiet
Gopal Lahiri
Gabrielle joy lessans
Jamiel Ahmad
J.S. MacLean
Jim Zola
J.T. Haven
Jeffrey Zable
John Baverstock
Joan McNerney
John Tustin
John Sheirer
Kenneth Pobo
Louis Faber
Leah Mueller
Lynn Long
Moinak Dutta
Matthew Borczon
Pitambar Naik
Pratidhwani Biswal
Robert Okaji
Robert Beveridge
Sarah Ito
Sanjaye Maurya
Shiv Sethi
Sherri Jens
Sean Smith
Sudeep Adhikari
Thomas M. McDade
T.Y. Euliano
Vivian Wagner
William Doreski
Willie R. Bongcaron

Cover artist: Seiraa Saga is a Spanish Photographer.  You may see her more work on Unsplash

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