Riding In Death’s Sidecar – J.T. Haven


While many things surprised me upon meeting Death, the fact that he transports his “guests” to the Great Beyond via bicycle sidecar was—by far—the most shocking. I always figured Death rode a huge black stallion or, at least, a souped-up Harley with flames painted on his helmet—if not a stereotypical hearse, of course. But, nope. He wears a simple three-piece suit and rides a ten-speed Schwinn with a casket-hauling sidecar.

When I asked him why the bike, he responded, “Because biking is environmentally friendly, doesn’t create much noise-pollution, and the pedaling helps keep me in tip-top shape.”

Who knew that Death was so eco-friendly? Seems counterintuitive to his job security, to me. And I never figured he’d be someone who worries about calorie-counting or needing to stay fit. Like I said, surprises abounded.

As I climbed aboard Death’s “Cycle Express”, I wondered aloud if this method of transport would take longer for us to reach our destination than other motor-powered or supernatural options. Death smiled a knowing smile then told me to relax, lay back, and enjoy the ride. We’d get there when we get there. Then he took a deep breath, held it for a few seconds before exhaling, and turned down a back road that would take us through a field of wildflowers then on to the place where we all eventually go.

About the contributor: J.T. Haven is a multigenre writer with poetry and stories published in over a dozen magazines and anthologies. Hailing from Evergreen, TX, Haven is a world-traveler and podcast junkie. To learn more about her work, find her on social media: @jthavenwriter.



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