Sunrise – Dennis Moriarty


Pacing the border of sleep and wakefulness
I imagine a sunrise drama unfold.
First light, nimble footed coming down a hillside
Swathed in oily rages,
A lost lamb’s desperate cries swelling the larynx
To the point of rupture.
I am aware of the sun at the window trapped
Between the slats of a blind
Paralysed by panic like a fly caught
In a spider’s web.
Dew drops slide down the window pane
Fluid as a stream
It’s Champagne waters uncorked and fizzing
At it’s highest point.
I cross the border fling off the quilt, snap open the blind
Releasing the sun.
A thrush is reunited with it’s song and the lamb
Reposes in bloated silence.

About the contributor: Dennis is originally from London, England, but now lives in Dennissouth Wales, UK. He likes to read and write, walk in the mountains. His work has been published in Blue Nib, Setu Bilingual, Pangolin Review,Rye Whiskey Review and more. In 2017 he won the Blackwater poetry competition and read his work at the international poetry festival in county Cork, Ireland.

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