The One You Wear For Me – John Baverstock


It’s time to talk about smiles,
As they come in all different types of styles,
A half smile is always usually marked down,
As can often be compared to wearing a frown,
The forced smile, always looks unjust,
Makes you wary, and not keen to trust,
The welcoming smile, is good to see,
Almost top of the list for me,
A beaming smile, you can always make out a case,
But will only take second place,
Because the best smile,
Which I always love to see,
Is that one smile,
The one you wear for me!

About the contributor: John Baverstock have been writing poetry for about 4 years. He imagehad several pieces of work published by Scrittura Magazine, Spillwords,and Forward Poetry. He think they are easy to read, nothing complicated and on very varied subjects, the thrill to writing for him is that having one person that can connect to what is written, it only needs one to make writing worthwhile. You may checkout his more poems on Facebook.

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