Tunnel Of Death – Sudeep Adhikari



the skin was stretched like a rubber-band
dark and stiff, with the eyes
gazing inward to their deepest void.
the cover is gone,
because there is nothing more to hide
not even the abyss
you have always feared to face.

you can never take
the face at its face-value
unless the air is
soiled with the ripples of despair

that will keep repeating in
a loop for a while. the blanks are
too loud; the absence screams and laughs
like the nascent souls
trapped in the underworld.

that day i walked through
the tunnel of ruptured corpses; i felt
the weight of death a little more, despite
dying a bit every day

porcelain despair

a glassy veil
i watch through-

the silent movies
of whispering trees
and anti-gravitating
ink bloats-

and the refracted ether
like a super-life-

when the despair coated
yachts of mist.

float like a dream
across the silver infinity.

About the contributor: Sudeep Adhikari is a structural engineer/Lecturer from sudeepKathmandu, Nepal. His poetry has recently appeared in the venues like Boned, The Magnolia Review and Mojave River Review. His 5th book of poetry “anti-philosophical deep dreams” was released by Pski’s Porch Publishing, New-York, USA in March, 2019.

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