Unwilling Suspension of Belief – Sherri Jens


Did you just say you love me?
My ears blazed from 98.6 to 10,000 degrees
In a millisecond
Bright white light flashed ‘cross my eyes
Field of vision split across its horizon
And was gone
Lips parted to echo yours but no voice
Unexpected words
From an unexpected source
From your lips,
These words?
Must be the incense
Must be the passion causing this hallucination
Such mystical music
More meaningful than any you’ve composed
Three magical words
Now floating above us
And I just left them there

About the contributor: Sherri Jens is a poet and university writing instructor in CaptureSavannah, Georgia, USA. Her poetry appears in the literary journals The 13 Alphabet, Setu, Poetry of Moon, The Blue Mountain Review, Share Art and Literary Magazine, and The Old Red Kimono. Sher has an M.S. Ed. and B.S. and is a yoga and meditation teacher and Reiki Master.

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