Yes I Met Maruti (Review) – Shiv Sethi


Book: Yes, I Met Maruti
Author: Daxesh Trivedi
Publisher: Blue Rose
PP: 139
Price: Rs. 146

Title- A Tale of Gain and Loss

With only a few master strokes Daxesh Trivedi has carved his niche very quickly in realm of Indian literature in English. To begin with, the author has consummately conceived a remarkable body of nonfiction masterpieces. And recently on of his essays written on the topic of ‘Literature and Society’ has also been acknowledged and applauded by the Competition Success Review, one of the most prestigious magazines of India.

Not resting on the oars of his success as an acclaimed nonfiction writer, he has now cut a dash with his debut novel ‘Yes, I Met Maruti’ which contains all the elements of a classy fiction. Carved out his fecund imagination the book is capable of particularly mesmerizing the segment of young readers. There is an amalgamation of myriad themes and motifs in just one single book which amply testifies his canniness as a sterling author.

From the title, one is naively tempted to assume that the novel is all about religion only but au contraire it has wonderfully sewn the two different yarns of human life, love and spirituality together. The most gripping narrative revolves around a young protagonist, Jay who has his fathomless faith in Lord Maruti and is also enamoured of the ensorcelling charms of a girl named Preeti.

In the novel, the novelist has deftly employed the dream motif. It is only in the dream of Jay in which Maruti appears. At first, it seems unbelievable to Jay. Here Maruti blesses him with the boon of making his mark in life as a distinguished figure and in accordance with his latent desire , everybody will exuberantly chase him for taking his autograph. True to an old adage , the novelist has conveyed through the persona of Lord Maruti that one can not savour the delicious fruit of success unless one swallows down the bitter and unpalatable bite of trails and tribulations. Though Maruti showers his benison on jay but the god simultaneously adds to his knowledge that in the pursuit of his dream, he will have bear the lose of his one of the most precious things in life as well.

Moving forwards the novelist skilfully portrays how in the prevailing times , the relations between the parents and their offspring are unfortunately fast deteriorating. The children take umbrage when their parents exhort them to follow the course of life that is goal-oriented. Jay’s father is greatly annoyed with Vishwas, Jay’s brother. Their father does not appreciate Vishwas ‘s pesky habit of frittering away the whole day in listening Ghazals. Here the chinks crop up between the father son duo and Vishwas strives to block most of the conduits of communication with his indignant father. But after four long years the ice of hostility melts and both the father and son repair their damaged relations. His profusely exasperated father now acts as his chief sheet anchor. Thus, here the novelist draws on the optimistic facet of life and dispels the long lingering animosity and ill-will by depicting the reconciliation and the restoration of love between Vishwas and his father.

While analysing the structure of the novel, we are pertinently reminded of the inimitable narrative technique exploited by Joseph Conrad in his famous works like ‘The Heart of Darkness’. The entire story is unfolded to the readers by the character of Dakshesh who further relates the story of Jay to Ms. Brigenza, a Journalist from England. The latter has landed in India to unravel India’s esoteric mysteries and Dakshesh comes into her contact. Although Ms Bringenza has no penchant for fiction yet she is convinced to lend her ear to a fictional tale. The narrator finally succeeds in bringing her to the belief that the concoction of a good fiction is peppered with all those condiments the aroma of which refreshes and reinvigorates the dying spirit of human mind. However, she is only inclined towards nonfiction.
The language of the novel is quite intelligible and the sentences spontaneously gush out of the characters like a sounding cataract in a Wordworthian fashion . At many places to heighten the impact , the author has also taken recourse to his mother tongue but he simultaneously switches to the original language of the novel by offering renditions.

The plot of the novel is commendably enticing, engaging and strongly striking but it is leavened with intense poignancy as well. Jay dreams of living his life with his dream girl Preeti whose beatific smile seems to warm the cockles of his heart. But hailing from a dyed-in-the wool conservative family set up, Preeti is deprived of her fundamental right of choosing her life partner and getting spliced with Jay. Here Much to our chagrin, both of them have to snap their ties but the star crossed Preeti solicits a commitment from Jay and sends him an email that though their love can not culminate into a life long union but now Jay must put his heart and soul in his work only. His dedication to his work will be the testimony of his love for preeti. As prophesied by Lord Maruti, it is Preeti, the most precious for Jay, whose loss he has to bear. In the end he is confronted with a heart rending question as with whom he will now share his success and moreover to whom he will say ‘Yes, I met Maruti’.

As believed by the narrator, the story within a story may inspire the writers to enter into the writing field despite the difficulties faced by the authors. In the novel, we find that Jay gets to know that zoom TV is about to organise a story telling competition and whosoever will be the winner will get the chance to learn the art of movie making under the tutelage of Shyam Bengal sir as an assistant director. With the assistance of his friend Atul, Jay sends his story to Zoom TV. He Is not victorious in the first attempt. Here also the authors may relate themselves to Jay when he loses hope to go further. But Maulik, his another fast friend, tells him the universal fact that it is not a child’s play to become a good story teller and only those who have “patience, commitment and conviction” can pursue this dream. Jay thus rekindles his dwindling hopes and makes a second attempt. He is selected with other fifteen best story tellers. Once again like most of the ordinary human beings, his faith shakes in Maruti at the last moment but God never deceives his devotees. Jay’s name is announced and he bags the third position. In sooth, it is a book that will keep the reader hooked from the beginning to end.

About the contributor: Prof Shiv Sethi is the Head Department of English Language and FullSizeRenderLinguistics at Dev Samaj College For Women, Ferozepur city. He is a freelancer columnist with the Newspapers and magazines like The Tribune, The Hindustan Times, The Hindu, The New Indian Express, The Hitavada, The Free press Journal, The Deccan Herald , The Daily Post, The Himalayan Times ( Nepapal) The Milli Gazette,The Book Review India Magazine, Contemporary Literary Journal and the Ignite Minds Journal. His area of interest is Modern Indian Writting In English and He has more than 200 articles/ book reviews to his credit.

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