Three Photographs – Baktiar Alam Bulbul

Redemption “Feel the grass, smell the air and talk with your soul. You can feel the true redemption lies within.“
Solitude “This old orange seller was sitting there .He looked tensed , maybe he was thinking how to pass this day like yesterday . No future no past. He is surviving not living.”
Saying Goodbye “That was the last photo I’ve taken with her. She was lying in her hospital bed, I was sitting close-by . Then I put my hand beneath her hand.It reminded me of how long periods of time she passed , how many trees she touched , how much love she felt, how much tears she wept with this old wrinkled hand. May you’r soul be happy as always on the other side grandma!”


About the contributor: Baktiar Alam Bulbul from Bangladesh. He loves to Play d507e-received_755877284752567-01guitar/violin, Also Traveling, Music.

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