Beautiful Frames – Dirk Sandarupa

beautiful frames artwork এর ছবির ফলাফল

I usually could easily forget someone
but you, you were different.
You left so many beautiful frmaes on my wall.

From time to time, you taught me how to talk to the ocean.
From time to time, you taught me how make friends with the rainbow.
From time to time, you taught me how to sing with the wind.

I wouldn’t judge you.
I couldn’t hate you.
I woudn’t blame you for leaving me.

The problem is I could never be your frame.
Both of us know who we are.
Both of us know where we belong.
Everything seems clear now.

About the contributor: Dirk Sandarupa from Indonesia. His current activities are 20190504_190030writing and a active student for doctoral research in Anthropology linguistics. He’ve been writing since, because his passion is writing. He started to write things based on what he see and feel. His writings are often about life, knowledge and experience. His goals in writing is to help others to see what he’ve seen and to share his feelings with others, just incase to let people know that their not alone. As a writer, the most important thing for his writing is how to convey the message to the readers easily and leave the message with a deep meaning.

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