Four Artworks – Mikhail SK



4_The Lioness
“The Lioness”
It’s amazing how we delude ourselves to see beauty as goodness. ~Tolstoy


When I was a child, sometimes my grandpa would carry me over 500 steps of stairs to school every morning.


Hannibal Barca
“Hannibal Barca”
I will either find a way, or I will make one. ~Hannibal Barca
 the first general in history to cross the Alps leading an army, including 38 African war elephants.


About the contributor: Mikhail  is an industrial designer in school for architecture, but he loved drawing my whole life. The ethos of his profession revolves around ergonomics and humanism, so his illustration pertains to notions and concepts of anthropology, and as an extension of his own curiosity, mythology and history.

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