A Soft Chaos – Elisha Zaugg

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I have always existed in this small place
Walls like cracked conch
That reflect my emotions
Revealing the most intimately dangerous vulnerable parts of me
I have never been alone here
In this place beats a rythm
Wild and dangerous

Her heart
It’s soft beats echo off the walls
Gentle, loving, soothing
It has a power over my soul
An unknown ephemeral thing
That can elevate my greater self
Or shatter everything I am like glass
Yet still I kneel
Still I love and give in

Because in that weakness
Within those things that hold my destiny captive
Sleeps the greatest strength I have
Someday this small place will break
Through the cracks a light
Will bathe our world
In those things we have kept most private
Yet given to each other
It is a soft, beautiful, and strong, hard hurricane
That type of wild depth that so few can even dream of

About the contributor: Elisha Zaugg lives with his daughter and cat in Olympia WA. He eLISHA zUGGis a lab tech in the Cannabis Industry and poetry is one of his passions. He spends his time going on adventures with his daughter, volunteering, cooking, playing boardgames with his friends, and writing.

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