Autumn Apples – Lasara Firefox Allen


Turning toward
the presence of mind
we become sacred

take this fleeting, golden moment
where jealousy and apples fall on the ground
one hand reaches out
which is which?

Aphrodite’s golden anger
is no match for Eros’s arrow
and Eris takes the apple to another level
who said this shit was simple?
we like it complex, all seeds and flesh
and sweet summer sweat

being shot off glowing hair
oops…missed again…
I guess I lost my head

the water covers it all
and we fall
to the demons
freed by levies breaking
we eat ourselves alive,
and look to gods for righteousness
to make sense of
a sorrow too grand to bear

About the contributor: Lasara Firefox Allen is a best-selling author, educator, and 58441480_10156359264158727_6645503653291491328_oactivist. Her work has been published internationally and is translated into five languages. She lives in the wilds of Northern California with her family, and surrounds herself with loving community.

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