City – Raeesa Usmani

Image result for indian city bw photography
Where life is inexpensive
And things are easy on the pocket!
One can get food to fill belly
Except no shelter to cover the head.

Children, adults, and aged
Grinds alike whole day
Earns enough to sustain
In this paced city
That costs momentary happiness
Leaves lasting damages to memory
For many more years to come!

So, city
Molds, twists, and turns
One’s shape and soul
Makes one either value life
Or take it for granted,
Since life is cheap here
And things are pocket friendly!

About the contributor: Raeesa Usmani is a literary enthusiast, often writes poetry, to Raeesa Usmaniunwind her troubled mind. She has been teaching English to graduate classes since 2014. A research scholar, currently working on her Doctorate, she received M.Phil. on Travel Writing.

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