Darkside – Steven Stone

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Lying in my chest
of dreams, the dark,
thirsty side of the heart
where my hands meet
where my palms press

everything that is known
that falls by the way-
side, is old truth; the
brain cells stiffen into

how great the scope of
distances beyond the
reach of minds,
leaves affectionate in their
color, their veins evoking

Once again we lose when
we should win; to whom
can we turn? Are we rid
of clouds and their grey hunger?
their monsters with breathless

what hazy secrets did we
leave for dead on the beaches
of our youth?
About the contributor: Steven Stone lives in Florida. He has been writing poetry since stevepicture2012high school. He likes to try different styles of writing and can also compose in traditional forms. He has been frequently published online. Steven tries to write something everyday without fail. He is also a painter.

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