Forever A Slave – Zararia Yul

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Ignorance is bliss, or so they say,
shutting our eyes and going our way,
we don’t want to know
’cause then we must answer,
take responsibility and not blame a master,
yet, when we stay blind and block our ears,
our lives become tormented
with troubles and fears,
sooner or later we ‘re pushed in a corner,
given an ultimatum which will make us a mourner,
no longer in a position to run and hide,
we must make a decision with truth to abide,
fear of exposure now make us a slave,
in the hands of a master that makes a knave,
forever we’re swallowed by the doom of darkness,
stuck in vicious webs of gloom and starkness.

About the contributor: Zararia Yul is a penname chosen for its meaning…..”brightness Monica Maartensof dawn river beyond the horizon”, fitting for a poetess who has ventured into dungeons of darkness, hardships and captivity, breaking free into the light of freedom.