Gender Inequality – Alex Asher

Image result for Gender Inequality

A topic constantly debated
Raised voices, naked passion
Trying to push us into action
But the days keep passing
And nothing is happening
Girls still scared to walk the streets
Forced beneath the sheets
Over-worked and underpaid
Still, no one is coming to their aid
It stems from childhood
Age-old phrases, misunderstood
“That’s not very ladylike”
“Ugh, that makes you look like a d****”
Beauty standards set in early
Make women feel unworthy
“I hate my thighs”
“I’m the wrong size”
Made to feel like a misfit
That’s no way to exist!
Change is necessary
Not tomorrow, today!
Less aggression, more education
We need new expressions,
Less negativity,
We can do things differently.
It starts from now.

About the contributor: Alex Asher is an 18 year old performance poet from West Yorkshire. Performing at venues all across Yorkshire, he talks about topical issues such as education and politics as well as more personal subjects on mental health and being transgender. Check out his YouTube channel for more of his work.

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