Memories die Hard – Dr. Alok Kumar Ray

Image result for couple memories art
I am dead sure you are mine
Live with me, sing with me
Memories make me a promise
That you shan’t desert me

Whenever I will be in despair
Loosing my life’s empire
Our bygone memories will inspire
Live life fully that to transpire

Your luscious lips entice
Rosy cheeks still look nice
Outspoken eyes earnestly advice
Memories haunt me in disguise

Starry night teases me
Cool breeze sans perfume
Azure sky is in doldrums
Except memories life is doom

Memories are silvan moon
Promise always me silver spoon
Empowered rightly to drag on
Dwell in our mind to motion
About the contributor: Dr. Ray teaches political science to undergraduate and postgraduate students.He is a bilingual poet.Poems written by him both in Odia and English have been published in many anthologies,books, magazines etc of national and international repute.He resides at Kendrapara district headquarters in Odisha state of India.

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