No, You Can’t Ask Me Questions About My Life – Susan Landgraf

woman's face

I will tell you I was in Moscow
somewhere around midnight
leaping between two apartment buildings.
Of course there had been vodka.

The restaurant was closed – a private
wedding – but our guide offered packages
of American gum. The father of the bride
said he was honored to have Americans.

We drank and danced, caught a cab
and walked the six flights to the roof
of his apartment building. No stars, only
a lit statue of Lenin watching.

Yes, I think we did something, for a moment,
toward international peace.

About the contributor: Susan Landgraf has published more than 400 poems in Prairie Schooner, Poet Lore, Margie, Nimrod, Calyx, and others. What We Bury Changes the Ground was published by Tebot Bach in 2017. She currently is Poet Laureate of Auburn; a writing exercise book is forthcoming this year from Two Sylvias Press.

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