Oh…I – Jen Goldie

Image result for new car bw photography

“Hey Joe! How’s things! I got a new car!

Man, you should see it! It’s the best car

I’ve ever had! All the features! Next week

we’re driving up to the Casino in Niagara!

Man! It’s gonna be a blast! My Uncle Ted’s

gonna come along with us. Haven’t seen him

in years! Did I tell you I won 10 grand on

the Lottery? You should have been there

Man! I swear I musta woke all the neighbours!

It was so funny!”

“That’s great…….”

“Then! To beat everything else I got engaged

to Pam. She was a surprised as I was.

I guess you never really know where life’s

gonna take ya. We’re planning the wedding

for next June.”


“We think we’ll have the reception on a yacht,

that’ll impress em! Then, cruise the lake.

Ever cruised the lake before Joe?”


“We figure about 100 people, maybe more

once Pam gets finished!” Anyways, where ya

been? Haven’t talked to ya in maybe a week,

maybe more.”

“Here, right here. I left a few messages. Figured

you were too busy to notice. Saw you talking to

Bob and the others. Look, I’m gonna be very busy

in the next two weeks, maybe even longer.

I have important things to do. Nice talking to ya.

Glad things are going well for you.”

About the contributor: Jen Goldie was born in Toronto, Ontario. She is a writer ofGoldieOne
Poetry and short stories. She primarily writes stories and poems to, as she says, make you think.


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