Promises – Michael A. Griffith

Image result for promises

the rain vagrants’ piss of
steady stream little floods pooling
at our shoes

our shoes our clothes ruined by
wetness and stench a stench found only
this time of year

this time of year of campaigns of promises
made with mud of voting of frustrations
and cheers
the rain shotguns’ blasts of
scattered sting tiny pricks fooling
no one else

no one else cares about size or
portions just wanting enough enough found
only in this part of earth

this part of earth of hunger of angry
noise made with dreams of marches of
graffiti and walls
the rain parades of
mess of seedy strings of micro-men
ruling from their roosts

their roosts limned with lies and
vagrant promises and ruin
steady streams of walls

About the contributor: Michael A. Griffith began writing g poetry after a disability-Michael A. Griffithcausing accident. His chapbooks Bloodline and Exposed were released in fall 2018. Mike was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in October 2018. He lives near Princeton, NJ and teaches at Raritan Valley Community College.


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