Tell Mary – Wale Ope

tell mary artwork এর ছবির ফলাফল

Tell it to Mary that I’m sorry,
I couldn’t unseal my lips to tell her I loved her.
tell her how attentively I listen, when her voice echoes.
tell her how much time I devoted to spy on her footsteps.

please tell her I’m sorry,
I didn’t know time fades out this fast.
tell her of her red shoe and the pink fluffy dress I most admired,
tell her of my love for her pointed nose, bright glowing eyes
and that smile that bewitched me into loving her.

tell her of my regrets;
those that gave me headache while I walk the city,
those that haunted and taunted me all my life,
and those that killed me when I heard of her disappearance.
I pray I don’t get locked out of have,
I couldn’t confess my sin of loving you,
I’m sorry Mary, I loved you.

About the contributor: He is a Nigerian, a graduate of Agricultural extension and rural Wale Opedevelopment from the university of Ilorin. He loves writing poetry mostly for contest and when bored.


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