The Season of Dementia – Janette Schafer

The Season of Dementia  artwork এর ছবির ফলাফল

This spring is frail.
The mirror is uneasy,
disquiet sinks into the corners.
So resolute, the offering
takes up hands and limbs together.

Recollection slips: what was it
she thought she understood?
This is a different version of events
splayed out and sorted through,
adrift from room to room.
A Bible verse from her youth reminds her
If the contents are lukewarm,
spill them from the cup.
About the contributor: Janette Schafer is a writer, nature photographer, part-time rocker, and full-time banker living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her writing and photographs have appeared in numerous journals, magazines, newspapers, and websites. She is co-editor of The Dreamers Anthology, released by Beautiful Cadaver Project Pittsburgh in April 2019. Her poem “What we want to remember about this river” was the 2019 winner of Laurie Mansell Reich/Academy of American Poets prize.

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