Three Photographs – Janette Schafer

Two beauties

About the contributor: Janette Schafer is a writer, nature photographer, part-time rocker, and full-time banker living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her writing and photographs have appeared in numerous journals, magazines, newspapers, and websites. She is co-editor of The Dreamers Anthology, released by Beautiful Cadaver Project Pittsburgh in April 2019. Her poem “What we want to remember about this river” was the 2019 winner of Laurie Mansell Reich/Academy of American Poets prize.

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  1. […] Janette Schafer Susan Landgraf Lasara Firefox Allen Charles Rammelkamp Raeesa UsmaniRaeesa Usmani Abiodun Salako Arthur Turfa Mark Tulin Lynn White Diana Elizondo Patricia Harris Michael Morell David Dephy Alex Asher Jen Goldie Michael A. Griffith Idowu Odeyemi Zararia Yul Ken Allan Dronsfield Steven Stone Raj Rawat Elisha Zaugg Dr. Alok Kumar Ray Bob McNeil Wale Ope Henry Bladon Richard Doiron Terrence Sky Mona Lisa Linda M. Crate Niles Reddick Dirk Sandarupa Biswajit Bauna Carl Papa Palmer Melanie Faith Debjani Mukherjee PW Covington Ananya S Guha Michael Morell Mikhail SK Sarah Jane Justice DL Shirey Patricia Walsh Kushal Poddar Josh Jennings Fotoula Reynolds Todd Mercer Cover artist: Shahadat Hossain originally from Dhaka, is a simple person who loves making photographs and spending time with his laptop and friends. He loves people who love life like they love “biryani“. Also enjoys cricket, Bangladesh/England’s countryside, different types of music. […]


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