Time And Reckless Things – Abiodun Salako

Image result for time bw photography


Time is shared into bodies,
We name these bodies

In hopes that such connection can birth an
Immortal thing wriggling like a little child

We say, “Love, come here, make me somewhat else,
Squeeze me, lick my spine to straighten me,

Bite me but not on my neck
Else I’d grow hot like staphylococcus in

The itchy urethra and or
The swelling of heat cutting the thighs


I am thinking of reckless things
I bump into potholes, I crash into crashes;

My limbs walk back to one another
The sound of mosques is a graveyard

Where angels come to collect prayers of screams,
Expiring people like cans of tuna and flat faces

The man who locked a razor in four cases knew the sky would
Turn white on his cornea before he reaches it.

About the contributor: Abiodun Salako is a journalist, broadcaster, logomaniac, half- abidunnPan, and resident at Sea. His works have appeared in Dwartsonline, TheSpeakingHeart, and elsewhere


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