Moments (03 Photographs) – Niladri Mahajan

Moments, North Kolkata
North Kolkata (1/3)
Moments, Barrackpore Rickshaw Stand
Barrackpore Rickshaw Stand (2/3)
Moments, Barasat
Barasat (3/3)

About the contributor: International award winning bilingual poet, author of Poetry My Profile Photo_COMPRESSEDbook- “A Diffused Room” and “Aura of Light”, a counselling psychologist, Niladri Mahajan lives in Kolkata, India. He is also a PhD student in Bioinformatics of Calcutta University and is trained in Eastern and Western Classical music. He is also participated in three group painting and photography exhibitions in recent past, active as a street photographer, watercolour artist and loves to do long afternoon walks, scuba diving and gliding.

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