Museum – Linda Imbler


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To the casual eye,
a roomful of old, dusty objects,
scrolls of great words
containing broken promises,
the hardest days of time captured,
man’s progress built one culture at a time.
And while the present stands full
of promise and difficulty,
the past did send forth wings of hope,
some forgotten, some ignored.
And it’s good to embrace
the backstories of so many forgotten nights.
In this sea of iron, stone, wood, and fabric,
it’s amazing to see
how beautifully imperfect we are.

About the contributor: Linda Imbler is a Kansas-based Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net SONY DSCNominee. Linda’s poetry and a listing of publications can be found here. When not writing, Linda is an avid reader, classical guitar player, and a practitioner of both Yoga and Tai Chi. In, addition, she helps her husband, a Luthier, build acoustic guitars. Linda enjoys her 200-gallon saltwater reef tank wherein resides her almost 19 year old yellow tang. A retired teacher, who began writing in earnest in January, 2015, Linda believes that poetry truly adds to the beauty of the world. Much of this beauty she feels can be found in the night sky and, on warm nights, her telescope serves as inspiration for this belief.

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