My Fresh Morning Dew – Dr. Rinzin Rinzin

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I was lost and lonely
Although the world was so homely
Always searching for a true soulmate
Only to find you almost too late

Now that we are together
To happily sail all life’s weather
There is no reason whatsoever
But to joyfully go on forever

Should a good time come our way
Let’s cherish it as if it’s our last day
And if bad times should come by
Let’s casually bide them all goodbye

I feel blessed that I’ve found you at last
I’ll never let go of a find so vast
I will never say goodbye to you
For you’ll always be my fresh morning dew

About the contributor: Dr. Rinzin Rinzin is a prominent and decorated poet, author and scholar. He lives in Thimphu and Bumthang, Bhutan. He has authored an anthology of poems, a short novel, a book of collection of short stories and a number of illustrated story books for children.

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