Flight of Dreams – Dr.Alok Kumar Ray


Dreams tend to take flight naturally
Give them wings of imagination
Freedom to access mind genuinely
To score high even surpassing the sky

Dreams are not subject to weathering
Give them fresh air of determination
Choice to fly anywhere regularly
To have wings of air without being unfair

Dreams are very fund of puking
Give them unblemished scintillation
Chance to play like a child haphazardly
To defy meddling but have zeal for gleaming

Dreams dodge to adhere to pulling
Give them scope for infatuation
Avenues to create shroud even intentionally
To twinkle as silvery stars amidst life’s so many scars

Flight of dreams brings untold ecstasy
Paint them with hues of reason
For a living where reality blurs life’s fantasy
To embark on a journey long singing life’s alluring song

About the contributor: Dr. Alok Kumar Ray is a lecturer by profession who teaches IMG_20190617_024935political science to undergraduate and post graduate students.As a bi- lingual poet( Odia and English) many poems written by him have been published in various national and international magazines, journals,periodicals etc.Now he resides at the district headquarters of Jajpur in Odisha state of India.He is a regular contributor of  many online national and international poetry groups.

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