Issue 05 | The Local Train MAGAZINE

“Cover art by TLTM Team”

Disparate Souls – Melodie Corrigall
Lb Just Passed – Frederick G. Guggenheim
Runaways – Mileva Anastasiadou
Three Aspects in Life – Dirk Sandarupa
What the Sun Tells Me – Len Kuntz
Three Photographs – Zararia Yul
Two Poems – Henry Bladon
Life As It Ends – Ali Akbar Abedi
Flight of Dreams – Dr.Alok Kumar Ray
Defense – Eliza Segiet
Roland and Lady – Mark Tulin
Unplugged – Rp Verlaine
One More Day – Charlotte Hamrick
The Beastly Lobotomy – Muhammad Shahab
Benny Hertz a Little – Todd Mercer
It Came in the Open – Clifford Brooks
Three Tanka – Karen O’Leary
Destiny – Panna Paul
O You Now See, Etna, How Seasons Communicate? – Alisa Velaj
The Nature of Oppositeness – Michaeleen Kelly
Departure – Wayne Russell
Three Photographs – Keith Moul
Heart Touching Tales – Shiv Sethi

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