The Nature of Oppositeness – Michaeleen Kelly

Plato claims our soul mate
is the bearer of our psyche’s original desires,
our other half split away from us
in the event of our latest reincarnation.
A good explanation of why so many
live with the dire consequences
of following their instinctual mandate “opposites attract.”
Why so many Rambos hook up with Snow Whites and their ilk.
Probably better for their egos
than cross dressing in honor of their repressed girlie.

Once we bond with our missing personae
Beauty with the Beast
G I Jane with Mr. Metrosexual Dandy
we can begin to love them
and ultimately our whole selves.

Or more likely we can choose
which of the fifty ways to leave our lover
will restore our repressed common sense
and its soul mate–equanimity

About the contributor: Michaeleen Kelly is an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Aquinas College. Her poetry has appeared in: Pure Slush, Dunes Review, Blue Collar Review and Main Street Rag Anthologies.

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