Colours – Mallika Bhaumik


Colours deepened in my eyes
the blue of midnight memories
splayed all over ,
windblown dandelions of another time .

The lazy tram rides on summer noons by the Maidan
walks across Boi Para ,
the woody dusty smell of old books ,
and infinite dreams tingling like small changes in our pockets ,
life looked vibrant like clusters of the blazing palaash ; its unbridled passion
rubbed off on us.

The bubbles of the summer days became the words of our poetry ,
and somewhere
between our words and our worlds,
life froze
-a still shot in monochrome

(Palaash – flame of the forest (flower)
Boi para – College Street area of kolkata
where there are rows of book shops selling books .
Maidan – a vast open green in Kolkata)

About the contributor: Mallika Bhaumik had been a student of Literature and has a Master’s degree in English literature from the University of Calcutta. Her poetry, short stories, article, travelogue, interview have been published in various e’mags and anthologies. Her poems have been published in reputed e mags like , The Woman Inc., The Wagon Magazine, Cafe Dissensus (USA) etc. She has received the Reuel International prize for her debut poetry book, ‘Echoes’, by Authorspress (India), which is currently available in Amazon . She lives and writes from Kolkata (India )

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