Death – Shashi Bhushan

Death, death, death
Where are you
I think I’m done with my homework
Please come take me
Put a smile on clown
Or where is your home?
the path I’ve tried but never reached
I wish i could jump in your lap, cry out this misery,
the pain the suffering wipe it clean with your magic stick
I don’t know what I’m doing or I think I do or I don’t
Everything is numb
Pills don’t bring sleep no more
What this skull bring
The face of her, movement of unsad me
Thought,smile joy, sex, love,
And again me don’t know what they’re
Begging for Love,life
Other adults? They don’t know me
Or pretend not to care?
Or laugh at this uncanny resemblance kid
I think ignorance is their magic
Now death can feature my ideal pain
Departure can bring sleep in me.


About the contributor: Shashi Bhushan, right now living in Faridabad Haryana. He was graduated from atma ram Sanatan dharma College Delhi University. A greedy reader of friction and he do write sometimes.



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