Goodbye – Monalisa Dash


The “I” keeps changing its inner ambiance in reaction to outside situations .

A silent scream,
Seeking attention all the time
Sometimes a voice too loud
Begging to be heard.
Never gets tired of hearing its own chatter
Will “I” ever be able to quieten ?
Will “I” be ever still ?

Somewhere deep within, the “I” knows,
This life is a just play of five elements,
And the maker of the universe looks for ecstatic performers irrespective of the role.
Still “I” wants to be in someone else’s role,
I do everything in pursuit of joy
Still why the “I” is not joyful each moment?
Sometimes Unaware and unconscious,
Bitter and twisting,
Repeats the same karmic cycles ,
Like a spider entangled in its own web.

To the loud , unconscious, unaware “I”
I bid goodbye.

About the contributor: Monalisa Dash is an IT Consultant by day and a writer by night. She IMG_1585loves travelling and wants to visit each country of the world.

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