Infective – Jayanta Bhaumik

I love insects made up of shades and shadings
You know it what

Beautiful stings catering succulent poison
They have the authority of
Go-slow things,
red hot chilli mites
flies of bombshell appeals
licks your lobes and you have wildfire turn-on
I love those fat-bottomed spiders
In your dreams all makeshift rumbas of contorting bees

It is fun reliving insectile

Let’s think why we think of love, emptiness, old
desires and lives sunken under trajectories as we
enjoy battles between insect number one and the insect you
know it what

Image result for insect and red chili

About the contributor: Jayanta Bhaumik is from the field of Metaphysics and Astrology (a Research Member of American Federation of Astrologers Inc.) Poetry is his Quest. He spends a period in Singapore and other south-east Asian countries every year for his professional assignments. His works can be found in the recent issues of Poetry Super Highway, Zombie Logic Review, Merak Magazine, The Pangolin Review, Pif Magazine, Better Than Starbucks. He is on Twitter @BhaumikJayanta and Facebook.

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