It Was Ok To Cry – David Grigorian

Image result for MAN FACE SHADOW B&W
A shy hello.
All was brand new,
I liked your smile,
The sound of your voice.

Followed by a gentle goodbye,
Just I grew fonder of you,
I had to slip away from your life,
Just one more look at your face.

It was ok to cry,
This is not an abandonment,
I was grateful to have known you.
A gentle goodbye,

Footprints vanished,
Behind the horizon.

About the contributor: David Grigorian was born deaf in Armenia, and got his first hearing aids when he was eleven years old. His family has been been to a lot of places such as Ukraine, Black sea, Japan, and have have settled in USA, Colorado. David began to experiment with poetry in his teenage years and experienced his first love, his first best friend, and his first heart break. With poetry he can explore and try to understand life. David had attended and graduated Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. His writings have been published in local newsletters and a magazine. David’s life dream was to be a published author and a poet.

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