Child Labour – Neha Jain

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Child labour
Is not a favour
It’s just the exploitation of their childhood
Only to live ones luxurious livelihood

Little ones are deprived of school
In order to make our stomach full
Child is forced into begging, prostitutions
Just for family’s expectations and traditions

Increased family income
Could one’s stop this outcome
Education could earn them a living
To be happy as a human being
Fertility control is another option
To relieve burden from next generation

Why can’t we stand out and stop
Giving everyone a ray of hope
Let each one of us be a part
And broke this tradition apart

About the contributor: Neha Jain is an Indian poet, born in 1993. She holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Applications from Banasthali University, Rajasthan.She has also worked as the editor of her yearly school magazine ‘Yatra’. Her publication include “These greedy corrupts”(poem) in envisionartshow an international magazine.Her subject genres include social, political and current issues. You may follow the artist on Facebook as well as Instagram and her blog.

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