I Don’t Love You – Josua D. Quiniquito

I don’t love you
So don’t you ever think that
You complete my day,
You hurdle my heart with joy
Every time I see your rosy cheeks
Every time you sweetly smile at me
Every time you teasingly call my name
Every time you timidly talk to me.
And that
You have a space in my heart &
it grows bigger & bigger
Because the truth is:
You’re not special
You’re not the love of my life
You’re not my sunshine
You’re not my moon
You’re not my star
You’re not the one I dream of
You’re not my perfect match.
Please don’t believe when I tell you
I love you!


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About the contributor: Josua D. Quiniquito is a Senior High School teacher in the Philippines teaching Oral Communication, 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World, Practical Research, and Creative Writing. He graduated his Bachelor’s Degree in Education major in English with Latin honor (cum laude) in 2014 from Villaflores College while his Master’s Degree major in English Language Teaching in 2018 from Cebu Technological University. His master’s thesis on syntax was awarded as Best Paper the year after. He has earned 21 units in Doctor in Development Education in the same university. Prior to his teaching profession, he worked as a copy editor at SPI Global, Inc. where he received Performance Management System (PMS) award for both quality and productivity. He is currently the school paper adviser of Hyperion, the official student publication of the school where he is teaching.


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