Issue 07 | The Local Train MAGAZINE

“cover photo by Łukasz Szmigiel”


Wanting – Antonia Salinas Murguia
Slavery Of The Mind – David Chukwudi Njoku
For And Not At – Frederick G. Guggenheim
Yah, Sure, Bye – Jen Goldie
Moon Poems (Haiku) – Willie R. Bongcaron
Translating A Feminist – Kashiana Singh
I Don’t Love You – Josua D. Quiniquito
The Great Divide – Salman Zafar
Letting Go – Joshua Ip
The Beggar On The Street Lane – Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana
The Rendezvous – Jasvinder Sharma
Poems – Mike Finley
The Pursuit of Happiness – Mir Yashar Seyedbagheri
Sea of Betrayal – Mark Tulin
Man Made God/ God Made Man – Dewali Deb
02 Short Poems – Ivan Peledov
Night – Joan McNerney
02 Short Poems – Karen O’Leary
Beauty In Believing – Lynn Long
A Wooden Jewelry Box – Melissa Rendlen
Child Labour – Neha Jain
Two Art Works – Sonjaye Maurya
Nothing Is Permanent – Shiv Sethi
करुणा की देवी राजेश्वरी – संजय मौर्याकरुणा की देवी राजेश्वरी – संजय मौर्या

A note regarding publication rights: Writers and artists maintain ownership/copyright of all work presented here in, No work featured here may be used, copied, sold or distributed elsewhere without the permission of the copyright holder.

Cover artist: Łukasz Szmigiel – Spectator, anthropologist, introvert, atheist. Takes photographs and comes up with designs from the need of exploration and profit. Deeply fascinated by post-humanism and culture in general. Privately – a perfectionist whose quest in life is to seek peace, good coffee and chocolate covered cookies.

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