Man Made God/ God Made Man – Dewali Deb


She read His Frosty quote
Man made God in his own image
God made man in his own image
She thinks aloud unknown forth
The birth or the death or is it
The sculptor crafting to infuse life into the rock
Or is it only the Bards muse

She thinks aloud to run over
Like a stag over vales and dales
Fly with the winged Arabian white stallions herd
Tap her heel to the beat of the deep blue wave

She thinks aloud to find some answer
As she lay lapped on grass
Green in nights dewy eerie

The coral Jasmine drizzle upon to weave
Scent of floral lace
Nature’s witchcraft of impermanence

She chocked unable to think aloud
As He lay face down
Lifeless in wood case
“Why is he lying face down?”
“Someone answer me….anyone?”

O My Dear Father
O My revered precursor

Ruffled in pang she quivers like the flame in hand
Someone jerked her hand into the wood case
He burn
Her eyes shut her heart burst out in grief

He deserved a better farewell
This isn’t the way to end…isn’t at all well…

Her father came back
Reduced in ashes in a tiny brass pot
Hung by a red cloth
Tied to a tall worn out log
She looks at the pot
Day in day out
One day to hear a voice hollow bubble
Out of the pot
“I am the God I am the creator
For you to remember I am also the destroyer”

In pursuit of she has to wander
To meet her soul her compassion her affection
See light and sunshine even in the dark
She is the creator she the destroyer
She is everyone although no one

BRAHMA is her home.


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