Poems – Mike Finley

A good one is like a joke.
It begins and it ends and in between
It triggers a shift in expectations.
You thought A, but it turned out to be B.
So you are fooled, which is always good.
Our presumptions are what make us hilarious.
The change overtakes us like a choking fit
and for a while we oscillate between
a clench and a release,
a test of our virtue, a test of our strength.
Then it parts and the new information
washes over us, blessing us
like a blossoming field.



About the contributor: Mike Finley has been writing and performing in the Twin Cities for 50 years. His most recent book on paper was 89 Objects of Happiness. His most recent digital book is Everybody Say YEAH! https://mikefinleywriter.com/pdf/pdf2/index.html

Mike at Howard Lieberman's party

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