The Great Divide – Salman Zafar

My dear forgotten friend
Lets sit and talk once more
Reminisce days that have long gone
And hum along to the haunted songbird’s song

I have yearned for this moment
More than i am strong to confess
Many nights i have wished upon the stars
And lived through a million hollow moons no less

The secrets i have carried
In my casket of solitude and pain
Their weight bears down on my soul
They have wrinkled my skin and ached my bones

In the corner of my mind
Silhouettes of you are present today
Memories of the bond we shared once
And the everything that took this warmth away

Was it me was it you
This great unknown left us amiss
But now that the dust has finally settled
Did either of us really want this?

I could go on and on
And every passing word would leave to more
But there is no method to my madness
Or a key to your forbidden door

This bridge of division
It will curse our souls far and wide
There is only the ghost of hallowness between us
Forvever Feeding on our great divide

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