Wanting – Antonia Salinas Murguia

Coldness sat there moving like jello
and I wanted to touch it,
feel the coldness,
the wonderful coldness
climbing through every sensation
from one single touch
bringing me back to that day
when I was pregnant with my first child
and it was winter
and we were standing by the lake
and I said I have to go in,
but it’s too cold,
I have to go in.

I can feel the whole sensation
looking at the condensation on the glass,
the water inside jello jiggling
making me crazy,
wanting so much to touch the cold wet,
just one single touch.

man holding his left shoulder
About the contributor: Antonia Salinas Murguia is a poet who enjoys giving with her poetry. She has published Walking in the Footsteps of Faith and is in many anthologies, such as Flies, Cockroaches, and Poets, Galaxy of Verse, Art of Peace, and many others. Antonia has won many awards. She is also an advocate for Suicide Prevention. She is the Secretary, Webmaster, and Blogger for Alamo Area Poets of Texas. Her website is poetrybytoni.com.

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