Yah, Sure, Bye – Jen Goldie

“Hey Mark! Old buddy! Are you coming to the reception?”
“What reception?”
“Didn’t you get the invitation?”
“No. What reception?”
“Only one of the biggest yet! A major splash!
We’ll have a blast! We always do.
They’ve booked a room for a least a thousand people!
A free gourmet meal, drinks on the house and Bonuses!”

“Oh, really? Bonuses?”
“Yes! For all of the employees!”
“I haven’t received any invitations.”
“Everyone’s going to be there! And, I mean everyone!”
“Who is it for?”
“Only the President! There’s going to be media there too!”
“Of the country?”
“No! no! Of the Company. Man, you’ve always been such a kidder!”

“Who did the invites?”
“You’re other buddy John, of course.”
“Oh, I see.”
“John probably just forgot. Easy to do.”
“I doubt it.”
“Why wouldn’t he invite you?”
“I told him our President wasn’t doing a good job and I wouldn’t
endorse him next year.”

“It’s true. Didn’t you see my report?”
“Uh no. Hey listen I’m a little stressed for time. I really have to

“What about our game?”
“Maybe some other time. I’ll get my secretary to call you
when I’m available.”
“Ok. Take care my friend.”
“Yah, sure, bye.”

About the contributor: Jen Goldie was born in Toronto, Ontario. She is a writer ofGoldieOne
Poetry and short stories. She primarily writes stories and poems to, as she says, make you think.


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