Issue 08 | The Local Train MAGAZINE


Cover art: “Sunrise in the City,” acrylic on canvas; © sevendaysvt


Badlands – Carson Pytell
Scribbles – Adam R. Mintz
Eluding Beloved – Piya Gajbe
Three Poems – Connor Orrico
Broken Wings – Dirk Sandarupa
A Living Fable – Tom Ball
Missing Feeding of the Birds (V3) – Michael Lee Johnson
Fancy or Imagination – Dr.Alok Kumar Ray
Crepuscular – Philip Piarrot
Bonobo – William Doreski
Penitence – Fabrice B. Poussin
Night Cemetery Vision – Carl Scharwath
An Old Lady Goes Grocery Shopping – Joan McNerney
Fetching – Jen Goldie
North on the 101 Toward Portland – James Croal Jackson
Godzilla, Circa 1964 – Mark Tulin
3 Haiku Poems – Tonmoi Das Kashyap
About Him – Kenneth Pobo
What I Would Have Told You – Linda Imbler
Mother’s Soup – Jagari Mukherjee
A Friend of Mine – Michael T. Smith
Emoji Words – Yash Seyedbagheri
Bora Bora – Frederick G. Guggenheim

A note regarding publication rights: Writers and artists maintain ownership/copyright of all work presented here in, No work featured here may be used, copied, sold or distributed elsewhere without the permission of the copyright holder.


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